firework display Lake District

We generally like to open displays with a row of mines - it makes sure everyone is awake!. BTW, to get a sense of scale, you can see some garden benches on the lawn at the bottom.

fireworks cumbria

Pretty purple comets that split into 4 green stars.

fireworks lake district

These are silver spinners that explode into red stars, fired in a fan to cover a bit more sky.

fireworks lancashire

Completely mental flying whistles that go over 120m high, with a pair of Italian style shells with a green centre and ring of whistles round the outside: specially for the hard of hearing!.

firework displays durham

Pretty patterns in magenta and green.

firework displays west yorkshire

A lovely palm shell with matching comets underneath.

firework display Windermere

A stunning sequence from a wedding display fired out on Windermere - another great photo from our friend McPhil!

charity firework display Kendal

No, this isn't something from Lord of the Rings, but part of an atmospheric show we fired at Kendal castle

firework display Cumbria

This a part of the finale sequence from one of our wedding shows - a real sky-full of fireworks!.

wedding firework display Inn on the Lake

This is the finale from a wonderful display we were priviledged to do on the shore of Ullswater.

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