This is a clip of the finale from the show we did at the Southport British Musical Fireworks Championships (.wmv format)

Southport Lancashire firework display

The following clips are from one of our W2 wedding displays, for best results save to your
hard drive by right clicking the picture then "save target as": they will play with Windows
Media Player and Apple Quicktime.Some of the files are quite large, so please be patient
whilst downloading.

opening sequence Cumbria firework display
Opening sequence of mines and shells
tourbillions Cumbria firework displays
Tourbillions - big silver wriggly things!
tourbillions Lake district firework display
A close up of the tourbillions
crossettes Lancashire firework display
Blue crossettes and crackling orange stars
bombettes Borders firework display
Coloured mini-shells with silver palm trees
pre-finale Yorkshire firework display
This huge "cake" is the start of the finale

Photography by Studio-K4 Paul Slater and T. Stride

All images are (c) Pyroartistry 2005 - keep yer thieving mitts off 'em.

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