Frequently Asked Questions


We are based in South Cumbria and concentrate on serving the North West (though we will gladly go further afield for larger displays). Using a local company saves on travelling costs and gives the advantage of much local knowledge.


Most of the items we use are SERIOUS display fireworks only available to professional users, including shells (65....300mm calibre), rockets, large Roman candles, multishot combinations or "cakes" and wheels/set pieces we assemble ourselves. If there's anything you would specially like included in your display, please ask and we'll try our best.


Our 5 minute entry-level display costs 500+VAT and is superb for the price. For longer shows we reckon that 100 per minute duration is the minimum cost for a display that looks professional and will impress. Larger events will require a larger spend per unit time and such shows are custom designed to suit the venue and your budget, please contact us for details. A 35% deposit is required to confirm a booking.


Usually, the only extra is travelling which we charge at 0.50 per mile ex. Broughton-In-Furness. The price includes an advance site survey, setup, firing the display and clearing up all major items of firework debris. A cleanup of small fragments is additional, but is rarely needed.


Normally a space 75m deep from the audience position and 100m wide, clear of any stock and overhead obstructions down the centre is required. Behind this a fall-out zone at least 50m is needed. The prevailing wind should be from behind the audience.


Yes, we love doing displays to music and having musicians and a sound engineer on the team gives us a special talent in this area. It does however add at least 30% to the cost to cover the extra material, fusing and choreography, since we put a lot of effort into making the two mediums work powerfully together.


Where noise is a problem we are able to to do displays that contain no loud bangs, but are still dynamic and exciting for little extra cost.


We carry public liability insurance covering all aspects of our use of fireworks to the tune of 5 million.

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